Fancy frames created with traditional method: Edition of 10 in 3 sizes for oil and pastels. Available colours: Antique gold, Champagne gold and Gold

Frames have up to 7 different layers of colour coating, gild, water based varnish on bottom and oil based varnish + wax on top coating. Signatures+ hidden and apparent initials are on the pediment as well as the bottom parts.  Besides the structural wood, all cuts, adjustments and final touches are made by hand with no machine. Except wood and screws, all pieces are made and purchased from Canada or United States.

Material: Plaster mixed with stone, gesso, nails, mixture of hard and soft  wood.  The two legs at the bottom are polymer cement armed with aluminum bar to prevent deep cracks by aging. Due to the weight of the ornamental pieces, latex glue (PH 10) is used instead of rabbit skin.  As addition to the glue, 5 inaccessible screws secure the pieces  on the structure.

Tympanum of Dreams

Motif is a dreaming female portrait with her hair suspended on air. Ornaments represent clouds inspired from 17th century French / Italian baroque designs.