Decoration and Staging


My projects’ concept:

My concept in home decoration is modularity of emotions which in my opinion is more important than modularity in space or modularity in usage. I believe my concept can be applied to every home does not matter how big or small the space be. Depending to the size of residential, modules can be rooms, surfaces or corners in rooms.  Visitors will have an unconscious voyage of changing moods just by taking a tour in.

Here are projects I did based on above concept,:

Project 1: Residential 57 Earl Stewart Drive, Aurora / Ontario ;

  • Start Date : Aug 2008
  • Period: 1 week
  • Paint, decorating, staging
  • Budget for furnishing:  $13k
  • Decorative Emotions:
  1. Entrance: Curiosity
  2. Foyer: Sadness, nostalgia, feeling dry
  3. Dining Room: dynamism
  4. Kitchen: Warm, friendly
  5. Family Room: Night time, comfort, contrast
  6. Master bedroom: Sexy but cold
  7. Office: Logical, traditional

Project 2: Residential 3375 Rue Charles-Best, Laval / Quebec ;

  • Start Date: Sept 2014
  • Project period: 60 Days
  • Wall removal, Carpet removal, Cabinet removal, Fire Place removal, Addition of decorative wall with Chandeliers, paint, laminate, Bathroom update,  kitchen update, plaster and paint, baseboards, door frame and windows’ frame and  trim replacement, plumbing in bathroom, 2 outside door changed
  • Budget for Updates (including kitchen appliance, excluding furniture) : $14K

Original State:

During Updates:

Final Work:

Photos are cellphones and will be replaced soon